Nov's top rated pharmacies

#1 has been a premier provider of on-line name brand and generic medication since 2002. They represent major pharmaceutical suppliers and the name brand products they sell are made by the original manufacturers. The generic brands sold by are equal to their brand name counter part in chemical make up and medical effect, but at about half the cost, or less. Their website is easily navigated to locate any pharmaceutical need, from Amoxil to Zoloft. offers clients the option of placing orders on the web, access to toll free numbers (US +1-800-961-9640 and UK +44-800-047-0958), as well as on-line live support (in English), all offering free shipping. Another important feature worthy of mention is the policies lists. Each policy indicates their concern for customer privacy and complete satisfaction.

#2 was established in 2005 and so far a quite dominant one. You will find a large variety of generic drugs ranging from erectile dysfunction to hair and skin care. They also have antibiotics, antibacteria and antiviral medication as well. 4Rx's feedbacks are quite impressive so far and it seems like they will do the outmost to gain more satisfied customers. The website is fairly easy to use and it is available in both Spanish and English languages. The website also claims that they have an in house system to insure the quality of the drugs they sell. For any other questions or concerns, you can contact them at their 24/7 Toll Free number, 1-877-728-9479.

#3 meets every need of the on-line shopper. Their web page is simple to find, easy to navigate and provides a lot of information without being chaotic. offers generic products at savings from 15% to 80%, approved by W.H.O (World Health Organization) and guaranteed safe. stands out in their commitment to superior customer service. They provide free shipping, on-line support, toll free access in both the UK and US, wide variety of payment options and their site translatable in English, French, Spanish and Italian plus offering an additional 10% discount for return customers. Toll free numbers are, in the US, +1-800-961-9640 and in the UK, +44-800-047-0958.

#4 claims to offer one of the widest selections of generic pharmaceutical products on the web, guaranteeing on time delivery and adherence to the strictest of quality standards. In addition to ordering on the web, customers have access to a live online support option for questions and are welcome to contact on their toll free number, (888) 610-6337. The generic products advertised are aggressively priced for the internet market, with assurance that all medicines are prepared in government certified facilities in India, meeting or exceeding the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization requirements. customer service is available 24hours a day, 365 days a year, provides a limited price guarantee and encourages return buyers with additional price incentives.

#5, previously operating as, is an internet provider of a variety of generic medicines. Responsiveness to customer needs and low prices are their key concerns. They claim if a consumer finds the same product at a cheaper price on the internet will reduce their own price by an additional 10%. The generic product line they offer is extensive and the pricing competitively aggressive. Their customer service includes live on-line support, and a toll free number is free in the US, (866) 733-9977. Shipping is normally 7 to 21 days, depending upon the destination.

#6 is an online pharmacy providing quality generic medicines on an international scale since 2005. Their website may be traversed in English, French or German, to review the broad product line they represent for treatment of the most commonly addressed problems in the modern world. customers have the convenience of online live help, ordering on line or utilizing toll free, from either the US (800.475.2105) or France, (0.800.901-331). takes pride in safely and reliably supplying quality generic medications at affordable prices.

What is the criteria for top list

The pharmacies on the top list are being picked using these criterias:

  • Avarage scoring of the past half year by real customers.
  • The seniority of the websites, how long they have been online serving clients.
  • Clean record of scams.
  • Test orders and test contacts with customer support.

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